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Favourite reads: Sep 2016

5 October 2016

Books_purpleWelcome to our Favourite Reads for September. Each month some of ARRA’s members will tell you a little bit about one of the books they’ve recently read and loved.

These are not full reviews of the books, just honest opinions on why they enjoyed the book so much. Hopefully one of these will strike a chord with you.

So, we asked our members to tell us about some of their favourite reads for September …

Wedding Bells, Magic Spells by Lisa Shearin (book 7, Raine Benares series) (fantasy romance)

wedding-bells-magic-spellsThank you Lisa Shearin for this long-awaited installment in the Raine Benares series! ‘Un-put-downable’ if that’s a word! Peace talks, marriage and meeting the mother-in-law; what could possibly go wrong? Enter Raine Benares and a potential apocalypse! If you love fantasy, drama and adventure this is the book for you; however I would recommend that you read this series in order. Hands up, who loves Phaelan? Put your pirate pants on and watch him finally meet his match! Fingers crossed we see his story arc in the next book which is due out later this year. [Juliette, Vic]

Playing it Cool by Amy Andrews (book 2, Sydney Smoke Rugby series) (contemporary)

playing-it-coolWOW, WOW and WOW this is one smoking hot fabulous story. Ms Andrews has such a way with words that she had me laughing smiling sighing fanning myself and just really enjoying myself while reading this one. If you want a book that is going to keep you turning the pages and not want to put down then this is one for you. It is steamy and so very moving. Who doesn’t love a hero who will just fall for a fun girl who is curvy? I loved Harper and Dex. I highly recommend this one 🙂 [Helen, NSW]

Defender Dragon by Zoe Chant (book 2, Protection, Inc) (paranormal)

defender-dragonA young Dragon Prince, with unwanted family responsibilities, meets a quirky human woman in search of a place to fit in. Finding out she is his mate causes much life-threatening danger to both of them. They each get to save the other’s life, and while he definitely finds his trials character building, she comes into her own as a clever and resourceful partner. The world-building is good, the secondary characters are interesting, there are plenty of funny and moving moments, and the romance, while quick, is intense and believable. [Deb, NSW]

Devils and Details by Devon Monk (book 2, Ordinary Magic) (urban fantasy)

devils-and-detailsI’m really enjoying paranormal mysteries lately and Devon Monk has created a world where gods take holidays in a mortal town. It’s an interesting proposition and she has an intriguing solution on how to keep them under control—mostly. The gods have lots of personality and stacks of world experience so plenty of shenanigans still happen. There is, of course, a bad boy love interest for the protagonist and plenty of interesting characters. And if you have a penchant for a Loki/Coyote trickster god, you’re covered. [Gina, NSW]

Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh (book 4, Rock Kiss series)

rock-weddingI cried so much during this book! In the beginning, just after the beginning, in the middle, near the end, at the end. Phew! Sarah and Abe have been a separated couple throughout this series so it was great to finally get their back story (and to read their heart-wrenching break-up scene) and then to see them get their second chance at a happy-ever-after ending. This was a great wrap for the Rock Kiss series and I’m really looking forward to the spin-off series for Gabriel’s brothers. [Debbie, ACT]

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