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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Oct 2016

1 October 2016

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Hello and a happy October to you all!

The Totally Bound Team is very excited to bring to you our steamy new releases for October. We’ve got a fabulous array of upcoming titles, encompassing a wide range of genres. There’s bound to be something that tickles your fancy!

If you love a good thriller that’s packed with suspense and action, SA Laybourn’s Empty Places should be the latest addition to your eReader. Meet Ellie Freeman, a low-level federal employee who feels isolated and bored by her own life. That is, until British journalist Duncan Harris comes into the picture, giving Ellie a renewed sense of purpose and burst of life. Just as she’s feeling hopeful for the future, Ellie is kidnapped, and it’s up to Duncan to find her. If that’s not gripping enough, throw in a deluded and dangerous cult leader and you’ve got yourself one unputdownable read. The best thing is, there’s not long to wait! Empty Places is available from 4 October.

Contemporary romance lovers will adore The Tutor by KD Grace, a truly sensual read that’s available on retail sites from 11 October. This red-hot super novel surrounds struggling writer Kelly Blake, who also happens to be a sex tutor. Her latest client is the reclusive yet highly talented sculptor Alexander ‘Lex’ Valentine. Lex has haphephobia, a fear of being touched. He relies on Kelly to give him advice on how to solve his problem, whilst hiding his real identity from her. Sparks fly and when the pair are seen together at a gala exhibition, the paparazzi go wild. Lex and Kelly must escape the frenzy of the press and in doing so they discover that touch is not the only way to achieve pulse-raising intimacy. You’ll have to give this red-hot novel a read to find out just how personal things get!

tb-covers_oct2016Another fantastic release to remember this October is Pack Enforcer, an enhanced and expanded version of the second instalment in shifter expert Crissy Smith’s Were Chronicles series. Strong and enticing Cain is the Enforcer of his Pack and used to being listened to. Emily is the only one to ever challenge him, making Cain crave things he shouldn’t. Emily returns to the pack years after Cain rejects her love for him, but she does so not out of choice. Terrible attacks on Pack females have forced her to seek safety and back into Cain’s life. The sexual tension between the two is impalpable. When an alpha male and a strong female get together, no one is safe. An explosive read for any shifter or erotic romance lover, yours to own on 18 October. Missed book one? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! Get the first book in the series, Pack Alpha, for just $2.99 between 18 and 25 October.

To make things even better, we’re offering more discounts in October to help you get stuck into some of our hottest contemporary series. Anise Storm’s Obsession will be just $2.99 for a week commencing on 11 October, to coincide with the erotica release of Infatuation, book two in the Nirvana series. You can also enjoy Something Real by Abigail Grey for $2.99 for a week starting on 18 October, to celebrate the release of Something Old, book two in the More Than Something BDSM and bondage series.

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Coming up in October …

  • Blood of the Wolf by Kris Norris
  • Empty Places by SA Laybourn
  • Infatuation by Anise Storm
  • The Tutor by KD Grace
  • Something Old by Abigail Grey
  • Pack Enforcer by Crissy Smith
  • Alien Rule by Tracy St John
  • Punish by Vella Munn

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