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Feature book: Propositions

7 September 2016

PropositionsPropositions by Tania Joyce

Jessica Mason is a workaholic. She was also a teenage mother. She kept her son after the father thought it best to get rid of the baby, and was able to raise him to be a responsible adult. At the same time, she built her event business to an international standard. Her company has won the business of the Somer’s Hotel family for the opening of their Sydney hotel. She meets Nate and there is an instant attraction.

Nate Somers is an hotelier. Or he is trying be one outside of his father’s dominant persona. Nate is the opposite to his father. Yes, he does take women to events but it doesn’t mean that he sleeps with them like his father might. He has one disastrous marriage and feels he is paying for it over and over again with his ex-wife’s attempts to cash in. He has arrived in Australia for the opening of the family hotel but he is the one who has been the driving force.

This pair cannot be in the same room without the chemistry crackling between them. Jessica and Nate realise that they need to be together but the arrangement can only be for the duration of the opening. Naturally there will be obstacles in their path. For Jessica it is the return of her son’s father. As Troy is made aware of his son’s existence, he tells Jessica he still loves her. This is an added complication when she finds she has fallen in love with Nate. Their agreement was only for the duration, and no mention of love. When Nate and Jessica part ways, Jessica has an added complication and is unsure whether she can go through parenthood alone again.

This was a good read, which at times was sexy. The reader is sure to notice the chemistry between the couple. The fact that the pair are high-flying executives makes their relationship all the more interesting when they have to work out a solution to their location.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. tjoyce1 permalink
    7 September 2016 9:37 am

    Thanks ARRA. I’m so glad you enjoyed Propositions. Who doesn’t love a sassy business woman (Jessica) mixed with a hot hotel billionaire (Nate) and a rural vineyard worker (Troy)???? xoxoxoxo

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