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ARRC2017: authors attending

30 August 2016

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Are you getting excited about ARRC2017? We are!

Here is a first look at the authors who will be attending ARRC2017:

Alison Stuart
Alissa Callen
Alli Sinclair
Allison Butler
Amber Bardan
Amy Andrews
Amy Rose Bennett
Anna Cowan
Anne Gracie
Avril Tremayne
Bec McMaster
Bree Verity (cancelled)
Bronwyn Parry
Cassandra Dean
Cassandra O’Leary
Catherine Evans
Cathryn Hein
Charlotte Nash
Christine Wells
Claire Boston
Courtney Milan
CS Pacat
Darcy Delany
Delwyn Jenkins/DJ Michaels
Demelza Carlton
Diana Thompson
Diane Demetre
Donna Maree Hanson/Dani Kristoff
Ebony McKenna
Eden Summers
Elizabeth Squire
Emily Madden
Erica Hayes
Fiona Greene
Fiona Lowe
Georgia Mathers Carter
Imogene Nix
Isabella Hargreaves
JA Low
Jane Blythe
Jennie Jones
Joanne Dannon
Kandy Shepherd
Kaye Dobbie
Kelly Hunter
Kendall Talbot
Keri Arthur
Kerrie Paterson
KM Golland
Kristen Callihan
Kylie Scott
Leesa Bow
Lisa Ireland
Lucy Clark
Madeline Ash
Maggie Mundy
Maggie Nash
McKinlay Thomson
Melanie/MJ Scott
Michelle Somers
ML Tompsett
Nicole Hurley-Moore
Pamela Cook
Penelope Janu
Rachael Johns
Sarah Barrie
Shannon Curtis
Susan Lattwein
Suzi Love
Tamsin Baker/Fiona Miers
Tea Cooper
Thea Harrison (via Skype)
TM Clark
Vanessa Carnevale
Victoria Purman
Wanda Wiltshire


[List updated 3 December 2016]

We currently have 74 authors registered, with spots for just 3 more

Reader tickets go on sale on 1 September. If you would like further details, you can find more information on registration on our website.

We are currently at work on the program. A draft outline is available on our website, and the full program will be launched online soon.

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  1. Helen permalink
    23 September 2016 12:40 pm

    Woohoo 🙂

    Have Fun

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