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Feature book: Into the Whirlwind

17 August 2016

Into the WhirlwindInto the Whirlwind by Kat Martin

Who is the kidnapper and what is the reason Charlie goes missing?

Dirk Reynolds works for BOSS Inc in Seattle. He is good at his job. He was the bodyguard for Meg when there was a stalker following her best friend when she was modelling. Dirk and Meg were attracted to each other and had a relationship until Meg ended it. Dirk threw himself into his work and his hobby of renovating houses, until he receives a call from Meg.

Meg O’Brien has retired from being a supermodel. She wants to be with her son as he grows. Then he is kidnapped. And Meg does the only thing she can—call Dirk. Dirk and Luke look through the clues and find Charlie. It is then that Meg and Charlie are nearly killed.

Once they are back at home, Meg and Dirk tentatively enter into their relationship again. Dirk is reluctant but Meg is sure. Then Meg disappears and Dirk has to find her.

It is hard to give detail in this review as it would spoil the entire story for the reader, so I will leave it to the reader to discover the how and why of Meg’s disappearance. However, Meg and Dirk have been on this collision course for a while as they were together for a while and then separated. Meg’s father admits to Dirk his role in the break-up, but sees that Dirk is the one for his daughter and his grandson.

Meg and Dirk have a connection that everyone can see, which they struggle to see until the chemistry beats them. There are ups and downs in the relationship but that is to do with the initial break up and what Dirk saw as Meg’s rejection.

I really enjoy these suspense stories by Ms Martin as they move fast and have lots of action. There is also the relationship between the couple and how they can get over the obstacles in their way. After all, love conquers all.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

  1. 17 August 2016 8:58 pm

    Sounds like another good one I have not read one of Kat Martin’s books maybe I should 🙂

    Have Fun

  2. lynette williams permalink
    17 August 2016 9:25 am

    I love kat Martin’s books I have several of them —–LynW

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