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Feature book: Break the Rules

10 August 2016

Break the RulesBreak the Rules by Claire Boston

Bridget Flanagan has two rules. Never sleep with a man on the first date and never have a workplace relationship. In two days, she has broken both rules. Bridget works in a man’s world. Her job is as safety officer for an oil production plant. She has to fight those in management to even maintain the expected levels for everyone’s safety. She was expecting to get the promotion after being in the acting role. The job goes to an outsider and Bridget must deal with the consequences, especially after she unknowingly sleeps with her new boss on the first date.

Jack Gibbs is returning to America after years away in Australia. He finds a women he is attracted to and then finds out she is in his department. He has a battle to persuade Bridget to continue their connection. When he finds out her reasons, he understands and comes up with a compromise.

In Bridget’s world, there are some men at the plant who do not think she is capable of the doing the job and undermine her at every opportunity. She is at the centre of ‘she must be sleeping with the boss’ type mentality. However many obstacles, Bridget tries to work through them. It is when she has to prove her ability in an emergency, that the owners find who really is at fault. Oddly, Jack has no such issues with the men, except one who believes he was overlooked for the manager role because Bridget is the woman and gets the advantages.

The reader is also introduced to Bridget’s family and gives their background and the obstacles they have overcome in life to achieve and get to where they are. This has certainly developed the resilience in Bridget to deal with the predominantly male workplace.

I really enjoyed this story. I liked that the story was set in a man’s world and showed the difficulty that Bridget has dealing with male attitudes. It is a case of the female having to be twice as good to do the job half as well. I liked that Bridget was able to overcome the attitudes, gossip and sneering sniping about her to find that she was more than capable.

Quite secretly, I’m really looking forward to Carly’s story.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. lynette williams permalink
    11 August 2016 9:55 am

    congratulations on the release –like the review——LynW

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