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Publisher pitch: Tule Publishing, Aug 2016

4 August 2016

Tule PublishingTule Publishing’s authors bring you the best in commercial fiction, from whirlwind romance to compelling women’s fiction. Whether you’re in the mood for something sexy or sweet, Tule brings you fresh, modern and exciting plots. Each of our imprints brings something different, and suits every mood and taste.

Tule has over 80 authors who have unique styles, terrific voices and have helped us grow to house over 260 titles, many of which have been nominated for and won many RITA and RWA awards.

Tule loves our readers and authors! Visit us at or subscribe to our newsletter here.

Enjoy our August releases!

Tule covers_Aug2016The Witch’s Daughter by Leigh Ann Edwards (historical fantasy). Set in the mystical landscape of ancient Ireland, The Witch’s Daughter, weaves romance, adventure and the supernatural into a sensual tale of love and longing that darkly whispers ‘What wouldn’t you do for love?’

Loving Kate by Lara Van Hulzen (contemporary). Kate MacIntire is determined to live life on her own terms- that is one of order and structure. But when free-spirited and adventure loving Jack enters her life will his love be enough to break through the walls she’s built to protect herself?

Marrying His Best Friend by Jennifer Gracen (contemporary). Single mom Maura Callahan is raising her young daughter, Chloe, and working a job that pays the bills but not much else. Aidan McKinnon has been pining for Maura for years. When Chloe’s father shows up out of the blue and demands shared custody, Aidan must make a choice in order to protect what he loves the most. Will his fiercely protective, knight in shining armour proposal of convenience end up starting the love of a lifetime?

His Toughest Call by Joss Woods (romantic suspense). Ex-special forces soldier and Pytheon boss Seth Halcott moves in as protection when his best friend’s sister Leah is targeted in the cross hairs of an international criminal bent on revenge. He tells himself that she is just a job, but she’s always been his Achilles heel. Although she’s sworn to avoid him, Leah cannot deny that Scott has raised her pulse for years. They both know that danger can be a powerful and passionate aphrodisiac, but will they be surprised to discover it can also lead to love?

Psyche Unbound by Zenobia Neil (erotica). In a spellbinding, erotic tale inspired by the ancient Greek myth, Young Psyche is sentenced to the ultimate punishment by the goddess, Venus due to her enchanting beauty. But when she arrives at her final destination, the doom she expects to find turns out to be something quite different. Will she find anguish or true love in the arms of an unseen suitor who commands both her loyalty and her senses?


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