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Guest blogger: Dani Kristoff

31 July 2016

Dani KristoffTo all intents and purposes it has been a quiet year for me, relatively speaking. I don’t have a Dani Kristoff book out this year. Invoked is coming out in January 2017—just missed out!

Yet, this is a cause for a happy dance.

Invoked has been the hardest book ever for me so far. It’s probably the first book ever that I was tempted to throw into the bin, the too-hard basket, along with most of my hair! I don’t think I have ever wanted to stop writing a story before, but then I refused to give up. (It was rejected on first submission too! Crushingly!) I had to make it work. I wanted to make it work. Earl had so much potential as a hero. Also, some of the content pushed my boundaries quite a bit. (I’ll let you discover what that means in due course.) Anyway, I’m sorry you have to wait so long for it, but that is the way the publishing schedule goes! I don’t even have a cover to flash at you.

Invoked is the third book in my Spellbound in Sydney series and occurs after the action in Bespelled. Jake’s cousin Nea is in for some interesting times ahead up on Lake Macquarie. You also get a bit of an insight into the history of the Sydney coven and Gregor Royston, the warlock who keeps himself quite young. There is also dark magic in this … but I’m not going to spoil it.

I have more ideas for this series. I’d really like to do a story on Lyle Wentz, the doctor who treated Declan in Spiritbound. We will have to wait and see. I’m still a newbie to paranormal romance writing.

books Mills and BoonMeanwhile, the other me (Donna) is having a great time with the romance PhD. I was given a large collection, called the Grace Collection, of Mills & Boon that I have ogled, touched, arranged and dipped into. I’ve also been reading Juliet Flesch’s From Australia With Love (2004), which has heaps of information about Australian romance authors, and many of them are in my collection. It’s been opening my mind and given me some background to identify Australian authors who I didn’t know were Australian. I also have a nice collection of Silhouette novels that the lovely Debbie gave me. I’ve dipped into them and they have been quite stunning really. I probably resemble a toddler in a wading pool on a hot day splashing around with a puppy.

You can find Dani here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Escape


The Sydney coven is suffering from a man drought – some witches complain, and some witches just get creative.

Grace lives with her cousin Elena and her mother Elvira, and life is pretty damn fine, barring the warlock drought that has the coven’s younger witches a bit itchy. Grace isn’t worried – even if a suitable warlock were available, he wouldn’t be interested in Grace. Ever since she raised her dead cat as a child, Grace’s necromancy skills have put everyone around her on edge.

Then her childhood beau, Declan Mallory, returns from overseas. He’s a battlemage and hot property. To Grace’s dismay, she is but one face among many as the coven witches pull out all the stops to attract the tall, dark and handsome warlock’s attention. Fortunately their childhood friendship still holds some sway, and Grace and Declan soon find themselves reconnecting on all sorts of levels. But there are dark secrets in the coven, and Declan’s family is determined to shut their relationship down. But Grace has finally found her warlock, and she is not giving him up without a fight: not to the bitch-witches, not to his family, and certainly not to the past.


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  1. 31 July 2016 11:43 am

    Quiet year for me too on the writing front…hectic personal schedule!
    Looking forward to your cover reveal and story in the months ahead!

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