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Weekly poll: 18 Jul 2016

18 July 2016

In my internet meanderings I stumbled across a website that tells you what the “day” is, you know, Canada Day is 1 July (Happy Belated Canada Day 🇨🇦). It also covers things like cupcake day, 18 October, and I’m especially looking forward to cheesecake day—30 July. I like to celebrate them where I can and today is 18 July, and it’s got two “days”; Caviar Day and Get Out of the Doghouse Day 🙃 I like caviar on my sushi—lunch sorted. So that leaves us with … Getting Out of the Doghouse Day, for today’s poll 😄

One of the characters in a romance book has squeezed the toothpaste tube the wrong way, left the toilet seat up, kissed someone they shouldn’t have or (insert appropriate other transgression here) ;p It has just tipped the scales into “you @#!$ hole” territory.

P.S. Tomorrow is Raspberry Cake Day and Daiquiri Day 🍰🍸


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