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Release day: Continuum

9 June 2016

Today is the official release of Continuum by Valerie Parv (The Beacons series)(ebook, Momentum Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

ContinuumA father’s love can change the world

Trey Luken turned from his responsibilities – and his son – long ago. Though he left his homeworld to become a beacon and protect a distant planet called Earth, burdened with great power, Trey vanished into the bottom of a bottle.

When Trey’s half-human son Garrett is captured and tortured by a nefarious anti-alien syndicate, Trey gets the wake-up call he needed. For years he has held the key to Earth’s survival but has lived in the shadows rather than confront his destiny. Now he sees a chance to regain his self-respect and his son’s trust, emerging from among the humans to bring justice to the perpetrators.

He sees only one way to redeem himself and give his son a fighting chance, killing the man responsible for Garrett’s suffering. But will Trey’s actions be too little, too late?

Valerie dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

When I started to write about the beacons, I knew that Garrett, the team’s listener, had pretty well raised himself after his human mother left them, frightened by the alien powers he and his father controlled. His father had become an alcoholic, useless to himself and his son. As the series progressed I wondered what could have driven Trey Luken to drink. Was it the crash that left their team struggling on earth? As a space junkie, I’ve studied the Apollo and space shuttle missions long enough to know that the astronauts represent the peak of humanity, training exhaustively to handle every kind of emergency. Wouldn’t the beacons undergo similar training, and also be the best and brightest of their people? Somehow the crash didn’t seem enough explanation. When I finally worked out why Trey Luken had abandoned his mission, the reason seemed so obvious. Yet it took his son’s kidnapping and torture to make Trey fight back. This novella charts his fall and redemption, and also shows what it takes to become a beacon. As for our real-life human astronauts—including Neil Armstrong, who I was incredibly fortunate to meet—it’s no easy ride.

You can find out more about this book at Valerie’s website or buy it from Momentum.


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