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Feature book: Lucy and the Lieutenant

8 June 2016

Lucy and the LieutenantLucy and the Lieutenant by Helen Lacey

This is the story of a hometown girl and the rugged man who was popular at school.

Lucy Monero has been in love with Brant since they were teenagers. He was three years older than her but that didn’t stop her from wanting to be part of his life. She realised she was a geek and an introvert and this set her on her path. No one asked her to her prom but she’d get over that (and we will see how Brant makes that up to her). The biggest upset in her life was the death of her mother in an accident and Lucy could do nothing about it. Lucy decided she wanted to be a doctor so she would know what to do in the future. Lucy’s life just plodded along and she found herself back in Cedar Grove working at the hospital. She is twenty seven years old and a virgin. And has never been kissed.

Brant Parker was a soldier. After his prom, he joined the military and was sent to Afghanistan. He did three tours there before he came home. He has bought a building which he wants to turn into a bar for the locals. He is working on it at all times of the day and night, particularly those nights when he cannot sleep due to the images in his head. He knows there is something wrong but doesn’t believe that anyone can help him get rid of the images and the guilt. Then Lucy lands in his life again.

This is a sweet story of the wounded man and the adoring woman who wants only him. There are many ups and downs in this story as Brant swings between wanting Lucy and pushing her away, some of it to do with his PTSD. Lucy is fairly steadfast in her belief they should be together but also needs the patience to deal with Brant’s demons. Brant is surprised when he discovers Lucy’s secret but that only increases his desire for her although he knows he needs to treat her more gently.

The reader is also able to have a sneak look at Grady and Marissa from Ms Lacey’s Three Reasons to Wed. I enjoyed this story of the doctor and the soldier.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.

  1. 8 June 2016 4:50 pm

    I really enjoyed this one an I am looking forward to the next one in the series Helen Lacey writes great stories

    have Fun

  2. Malvina permalink
    8 June 2016 7:56 am

    This looks like one for me. Great review, thanks Helen.

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