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Feature book: Beauty and the Bull Rider

1 June 2016

Beauty and the Bull RiderBeauty and the Bull Rider by Victoria Vane

Delaney McCall has almost all that she wants. She has a ranch and an educational background in animal husbandry. She is keen to start and improve her stock. She has been married and doesn’t want to be married again. She does, however, want a baby to call her own. The problem is that the one man she wants to be the father, her ex-husband, has declined. Then Zac arrives with a solution to her problem or problems.

Zac McDaniel has admired Delaney since she was dating Ty. He took the wrong path and was left on the sidelines when Delaney married Ty and he had to pine for what might have been. When Zac retires from bull riding, he goes to Ty’s ranch to manage it for him. Zac finds that he is now in Delaney’s sphere and his attraction has not waned. Much to Delaney’s chagrin Zac has to help Delaney in the male-dominated arena of ranching. Their connection becomes closer and they find their HEA.

This is the third story in the Hotel Rodeo series. This is a nice tidy ending for two characters we read about in the first two books. It was interesting to see Delaney trying to get rid of the rich girl playing ranch owner image to where she is taken seriously.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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