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Feature book: Escaping Mr Right

25 May 2016

Escaping Mr RightEscaping Mr Right by Avril Tremayne

Chloe Masters is a serious journalist. Chloe’s sense of being has developed from her younger years. So she tries to be perfect. Perfect hair. Perfect clothing. The perfect boyfriend. She has been dating Marcus, captain of the local rugby league team, for just over a year. She has become concerned about how the relationship appears to have become somewhat sexless. Marcus will kiss her on the forehead, and she senses that he avoids situations where they will spend the night together. Then there is Nick. She has a hate relationship with Nick. She hates how he always seem to be where she is. She hates that he tries to get her alone. She hates that he is with other women. She hates that she is able to easily taunt him about it.

Nick Savage is a footballer. His biggest regret in life is that he didn’t get to Chloe before Marcus. Nick tries to hide his real feelings, but he is also affected by his upbringing. Nick kisses Chloe and it throws her into a spin and she tells Marcus. Nick is overjoyed when he discovers Chloe and Marcus have split. He then tries to keep Chloe in his sphere and manipulates the situation so that she spends a week with him doing some charity work.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. I really liked that the characters, in their relationships, were above board. I don’t like cheating couples, even if it is just a kiss. I liked that there was some work done in a developing country. However, I had to keep remembering that the characters were in their mid-twenties. I wanted to shake them. It did become evident there was a mismatch between their professional ability and standing and the maturity level of the hero and heroine.

There were constant misunderstandings between the pair even over minor things. Chloe is very controlled, but her mood really swings from one point to another. As an example, Chloe and Nick decide to keep their liaison a secret but Chloe turns up in a very sexy outfit to lure him away from another woman in the group, and gets upset when he doesn’t pay her attention. Nick finds the ground keeps shifting beneath him with her swings in thinking. Nick’s impatience keeps the ground shifting under Chloe and the pair seem to constantly think that the relationship is over.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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