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Feature book: The Seduction of Lord Stone

11 May 2016

The Seduction of Lord StoneThe Seduction of Lord Stone by Anna Campbell

She is one of the Dashing Widows. Caroline’s husband Freddie died and she is required to grieve. A grief she is somewhat reluctant to do considering Freddie was her husband and she is contemplating a discreet liaison. She has the discussion with her friends and wants to find an appropriate man to have this liaison.

Silas, Helena’s brother, is shocked that Caroline would even think to do such a thing. He willingly accepts the role of giving her advice on the suitability of men among the ton with whom she wants the liaison. It is funny to see him try and come up with even the merest horrible reason one man or the other is so totally wrong for the liaison.

Silas, Lord Stone, has been in love with Caroline and desperately wants to be the one who she chooses. Even though the pair feel the chemistry, Caro does not want to have her discreet liaison with Silas. Then she arrives in his hothouse and the pair put on a display for many to see. Fortunately for them, the servants were at dinner. In the end, Caroline gives in to the chemistry between herself and Silas and they have their discreet fling.

So what is there to enjoy about this novella? Everything. It is historical. The chemistry between the hero and heroine cannot be ignored by either, even as they try so hard to keep their hands to themselves. The secret nature of their desire. And it was written by Anna Campbell.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. 22 May 2016 10:16 am

    Loving Anna’s books. Great review Heather.

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