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Feature book: Engaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy

11 May 2016

Engaged to Her Ravensdale EnemyEngaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy by Melanie Milburne

The family knows there is hostility between Jake and Jasmine but only one person knows the real cause.

Jasmine Connolly is a bridal designer. She has a close relationship with Melanie Ravensdale and is like an adopted daughter of the Ravensdales. She was taken into their home when she was young, after her mother left her there to play, and never came back. Jasmine is not lucky in love; she has been engaged three times. Her third fiancé, Myles, wants to take a break and Jasmine despairs that it will be bad for business, that a wedding dress designer can’t keep a fiancé. She arrives at the family seat to find that Jake has also arrived. It is later that night that she rescues Jake from a sticky situation and says that she is engaged to Jake. Jake is taken aback that she would save him.

Jacques (Jake) Ravensdale is the playboy type. He is often seen with a range of other women. He is the opposite of his twin, Julius. Jake and Jasmine grew up together and one night Jasmine misread some signals and waited for Jake in his room. He threw her out and Jasmine got drunk. It is then that a life-changing event happens, and Jake has no idea until many years later.

Jake has always seen Jasmine as hanging on to the coattails of his family. To make the story true, Jake buys Jasmine a big engagement ring and attends the wedding expo with her, as they agreed. It is soon after that things fall apart and Jake has to find a way to fix up the distance between them, especially when he realises that he loves Jasmine. Now how he gets Jasmine to marry him is probably not the way I would want things to happen, but it would definitely be considered romantic.

The stories have gone from really good to great. I have been looking forward to reading Jake’s story as it would take a really good woman to match him. Jake’s story is all that I expected, and the way in which Jake realises that Jasmine is the one for him really resonates.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.


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