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Feature book: Touched to the Depths

4 May 2016

Touched to the DepthsTouched to the Depths by Elsa Winckler

In this series, we meet the Cavallo men who are billionaire hotel owners. They are strong, confident and used to women throwing themselves at them. That is, until they meet the Sutherland girls and their friend … this is Darryn and Hannah’s story.

Hannah Sutherland is a model. She has a natural talent for the job. Darryn Cavallo is or was a photographer. He was the main photographer at a particular shoot with Hannah as the main model, and they spent the night together. As soon as Darryn leaves Hannah, she hears some information about him that upsets her. Hannah then avoids Darryn, wherever possible, as he doesn’t bother to ask her and just makes assumptions. Some unsettling events start to happen—friends being pushed in front of cars, fires and break-ins, as Hannah is convinced she is being stalked. She avoids her family so they are not injured or hurt by her stalker.

Hannah does not understand how the stalker is finding her wherever she is in the world. As Hannah is avoiding her family, it is then they realise there is something more going on. But Darryn eventually realises, and he moves to protect her. He begins to do many dumb things, and he makes assumptions from Hannah’s actions. They seem to have a constant together, apart and back together type of relationship. Again, when Darryn finds the key to understanding Hannah, they are able to get their HEA.

This story has a little more suspense, which makes it an interesting read. Although, at times, I became frustrated with the constant revolving door nature of their relationship, as it was on, off, on, off and on again.

Throughout all the stories, it was nice to see the other characters come into the story and see how their relationship had developed. As a reader, I would recommend reading the books in order.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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