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Feature book: Touched to the Soul

27 April 2016

Touched to the SoulTouched to the Soul by Elsa Winckler

In this series, we meet the Cavallo men who are billionaire hotel owners. They are strong, confident and used to women throwing themselves at them. That is, until they meet the Sutherland girls and their friend … this is Zoe and Dale’s story.

Zoe Sutherland is an interior designer, hoping for a big contract. It would mean working on a Cavallo hotel, and it could mean exposure to bigger contracts. Zoe, after having to deal with Dale, is reluctant for the work contract to go through as she is attracted to Dale, but she wants to ignore that attraction. Dale devises another project for her to work on in London, which she does. Upon her return to South Africa, she finds her partner has signed the contract for the creation of the interior design of the Cavallo’s latest hotel.

Zoe has to do the work, all the time trying to ignore her attraction to Dale. Dale does things to keep himself away from Zoe but also keeping her near. Dale doesn’t understand why he says and does the wrong thing to Zoe, until he talks with her mother. When he does this, he understands the key to Zoe’s heart.

This story is fairly straight forward as well in terms of the HEA ending for this couple so there are no surprises. It is a nice gentle story although their families do meddle from time to time.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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