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Feature book: Down and Dusty series

20 April 2016

Secret Confessions: Down and Dusty

These stories are the remaining three books in the Down and Dusty series… enjoy your lunchtime read….

Skye by Rhyll Biest

SkyeSkye Malone is a nerdy girl, who has had a secret crush on Bret since they were at school. She is returning to the town and has to try to ignore the now well-developed Bret. As she watches him, thoughts run through her head about what she would like to do with him. Then they hug, and she feels something hard but wonders whether she should do something or ignore that hardness.

After breakfast, Skye looks at a horse that has a problem. After all, she is a vet. Then a military jet booms overhead, and the horse reacts. Skye is knocked over, and Bret tries to check she is okay. The chemistry kicks in and the pair are in danger of getting sunburnt backsides during their intense tryst.

The stories are getting hotter, and this one will not disappoint.

Maree by Elizabeth Dunk

MareeIs it just the outback heat or is the new groundsman hot? Maree is about to find out as she has her black lacy lingerie on, and she is primed. When she says for him to take her, what else can he do but do as she asks?

Then it becomes every Tuesday and Friday after school. Maree needs to be careful as she is the teacher and a role model. Then the rodeo comes to town, and Brad has attracted the interest of another younger woman. Maree is upset with herself, but then Brad is back for her. When she thinks he is injured in the rodeo, she rushes to his side. This couple’s relationship is now in the open, but the hotness remains.

This is a story that sizzles as you cheer for this couple.

Frankie by Jackie Ashenden

FrankieFrankie wants it. Mac doesn’t want her to have it, yet. Frankie tries the bravado approach. She gives the impression she has done sexual things with dozens of guys when in fact she is a virgin. At twenty-six years of age. And Mac knows this.

To get Frankie where he wants her, Mac doesn’t play fair. He taunts Frankie into taking him in her mouth. Naturally, he gets the kick he needs and repays Frankie. At this point, he can no longer taunt her. He admits he wants her and is willing to walk away from the property he inherited from Frankie’s father. This was a great final story in the series.

Reviewed by Heather


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