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Release day: April’s Glow

15 April 2016

Today is the official release of April’s Glow by Juliet Madison (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

April's GlowThe heartwarming new Tarrin’s Bay novel from bestselling author Juliet Madison is all about moving on – in unexpected ways.

Distracting herself from a string of bad luck and a disastrous love life, bubbly April Vedora throws herself into her new business —April’s Glow, a candle store in seaside Tarrin’s Bay — the enchanting scents and colourful atmosphere provide a safe haven. But outside business hours she’s clueless about her personal life.

When a mysterious loner moves in next door, she can’t help but become intrigued, and ex-soldier Zac Masterson is equally fascinated by April. But both have sworn off relationships, and while April avoids her emotions by keeping busy and sociable, Zac hides away from the world — and his past.

As the pair chip away at each other’s facades and secrets are revealed, April fears that the man she is unwillingly falling for could represent everything she’s worked so hard to avoid. Or could they be just what the other needs?

They’ve shared their secrets over the back fence, but resolving the past is going to mean opening the doors to their hearts — and letting each other in.

Juliet dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

I love candles and always wanted to write a character who owns a candle store, so I enjoyed writing about April who not only runs her enchanting new seaside store but is recovering from a significant trauma in her life. When a secretive man with an equally traumatic past moves in next door, she has no choice but to face her demons and decide whether love can really surpass all obstacles. I also loved writing the forced proximity of a next-door-neighbour romance. This story is emotional, flirty and sensual, and poetic, with plenty of secrets thrown in, and deals with issues of addiction, disability, loss and hope. For cat lovers, there is even a little neighbourly cat romance! Though it’s the fourth book in the Tarrin’s Bay monthly themed series, it is also a standalone story, so if you are new to the series it doesn’t matter if you start with this one or a previous story.

You can find out more about this book at Juliet’s website or buy it from Escape.


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