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Feature book: Out of Chances

13 April 2016

Out of ChancesOut of Chances by Shona Husk

Dan Clarke is bitter about his break-up from his girlfriend. He feels he is in a lose-lose situation as he has been left blindsided by his girlfriend’s deeds. He has been drinking, but not that much, at least that is what he tells himself. Dan’s parents have been supporting him (they are very wealthy), but his father has now issued an ultimatum, and Dan has to support himself with his music. The first emotional break is from Lisa, his ex-girlfriend, when he takes himself off the rental lease. As Dan tries to further the break from Lisa, she tries to tighten her grip on Dan, and his resentment builds. He wonders how he can be free of his ex.

Indigo works in a bar and recognises Dan. She purposely tries to lure Dan into her bed as another notch on her belt. They enjoy their night together until Dan asks her to go to the ballet with him. She still feels like the groupie when they are out, but inside she is happy at being with Dan. Indigo is unsure of her position in Dan’s life, and she is furious with his indiscretion with another girl (her sister’s friend) and when he is caught drink driving. Dan tries to apologise to Indigo, but she refuses to speak to him until Dan has dealt with his demons.

In the meantime, the other band members stage an intervention of sorts. It is then that Dan realises how low he has sunk. Lisa continues to plague Dan’s life as she is desperate for money (from Dan’s dad), and she spreads rumours. But Dan only wants to be a better man for Indigo.

While you could read these as standalones, I strongly recommend that the reader read them in sequence. You find a little part of each of the characters in each of the stories. I suspect you will want to make sure you have them all, to keep reading story after story, as they are addictive.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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