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Feature book: Down and Dusty series

13 April 2016

Secret Confessions: Down and Dusty

The secret confessions are back, and they are now centred in an outback Queensland town. Each of the stories, so far numbering five at the time of reviewing, are quick reads, but they are very sexy stories filled with excessive chemistry and sexual tension. Each story takes about an hour to read (lunch break anyone?) and can be read as standalones.

CaseyCasey by Rachael Johns

Milpinyani Springs has a population of 356 and is way out in west Queensland. Casey Cooper is returning to the town to help her friend on rodeo weekend and to ask Joel for a divorce. On the way into town, Casey has two flat tyres and because of this, she has to see Joel, who is the town mechanic, before she is really ready. But Casey has a problem. There are too many memories of Joel in the town, the workshop, the bar and numerous other places they made love. Joel reminds Casey they can’t keep their hands off each other. They decide to have a discussion about their future, and whether they stay together depends on whether or not Casey has an orgasm. Then things go downhill, and she throws his clothes and then him out. And yes, they do get together.

This is a quickie story. The reader will really get the chemistry between Casey and Joel, and the pages burn with the heat. If all the stories in this series are like this, I think I will pre-order them all!

LuckyLucky by Cate Ellink

Lucky Percival owns the local pub in Milpinyani Springs. She is the no-nonsense type, or so Dare has heard. Dare is the new local policeman, and he needs to make contact with the publican so that he can have a bed for the next few weeks while the police station is being repaired. The underlying sexual chemistry between Dare and Lucky is obvious in the way they avoid each other. But then they have great sex and cannot be without each other. Lucky and Dare do find a way to be together.

KellyKelly by Fiona Lowe

Kelly is really embarrassed when a local policeman catches her sexting her husband. But for Kelly this is the first time in quite a while that she and her husband have been intimate in any sense. Grant has taken a job in the outback town as the towns-folk need help, but the stress is taking its toll, and he hasn’t been able to confide in his wife. When he discovers her vibrator, he becomes angry as it makes him feel inadequate. Grant and Kelly sort through their issues to find an outcome that will make everyone happy.

This is a really good story about misunderstandings between a couple and how they find their way back to each other.

BrookeBrooke by Eden Summers

He is home. Brooke sees Heath for the first time in many years. Heath was her first love and the one who took her virginity. But Brooke is wary of her brothers, who tend to beat up any male who pays her any attention. She doesn’t want Heath to be the recipient of a beating from her brothers. While Heath pursues Brooke, she tries to push him away as she believes that he deserted her. Then, she finds out a secret her brothers have been keeping and then receives a wonderful surprise.

I really enjoyed this story of a second chance at love. I like the secret Brooke’s brothers are keeping and how Heath is able to finally win Brooke over.

ClarissaClarissa by Mel Teshco

Brandon and Adam know each other well. They have often shared–a woman, that is. Brandon works on the farm owned by the widowed Clarissa. He has desperately wanted her for a while. Then Adam arrives, and Brandon and Adam do their usual deal. Both Adam and Brandon wine and dine Clarissa, and she is wet with excitement. Clarissa has never been with two men at once. But when they get into bed together, the sensual journey begins, and the sex exceeds Clarissa’s expectations. Brandon finds a moment of jealousy when he returns home at the end of the day and sees Adam and Clarissa together. But then he looks beyond the surface and sees that Adam is also looking for someone to love, just as he is. But can the threesome find a balance and stay together?

Reviewed by Heather

Review copies of these books were provided by the publisher.


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