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Feature book: Out of Time

6 April 2016

Out of TimeOut of Time by Shona Husk

As Selling the Sun’s summer hiatus moves on, Mike’s concentration is fractured. He really wants to be there for the band, but he needs to work to help pay the bills, and he wants to be there for his mother. Mike has taken a day job while the band writes songs for their second album. His mother has always encouraged him to follow his musical dream, but she is dying. Not like the last time when it was a scare and he gave up one of his dreams. This time, it is for real.

Mike struggles with all the decisions his mother has made without him–made so he didn’t rush to her side when she was diagnosed as terminal. She wants him to have his dream. His mother is moving to a hospice as it is her time. It is at the hospice he meets Ava.

Ava still lives at home. She has no life. Her grandmother rules the household and is a strict Catholic. Her grandmother is always looking for details of the sins of her granddaughters to hold it against them. She wants Ava to marry a nice young man she, the grandmother, chooses; Ava wants freedom.

When Ava and Mike meet, they have a connection. Initially, they have a nurse and family-of-the-patient type of relationship. But things very soon develop further after they get to know each other. The relationship continues to develop away from the hospice until they decide they want to be together.

There are parts of this story that are funny, like when Ava provokes her grandmother to get a reaction. Then there is the seriousness of dealing with the death of a parent. This is the part of the story that really moved me. As Mike’s mother encourages him to follow his dream, he is unable to be there when she dies, and he has to deal with those feelings. We really get to see his angst and how he and Ava sort out their issues in order to be together.

While you could read these as standalones, I strongly recommend that the reader read them in sequence. You find a little part of each of the characters in each of the stories. I suspect you will want to make sure you have them all, to keep reading story after story, as they are addictive.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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