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Feature book: One Tiny Lie

6 April 2016

One Tiny LieOne Tiny Lie by KA Tucker

Livie Cleary is determined to live a perfect life. Since her father’s death seven years ago, Livie’s life has been shaped by his final words, “Make me proud”. Livie likes to think she has done just that. Now she’s finally at Princeton, focused on her perfect grades, with med. school her ultimate goal, and she has just met the perfect man to complement the life path she has chosen. Now she’s all set.

But her new life seems full of people determined to make her question if this is really the right life choice for her. She is unravelling with a roommate dragging her to one party after another, a sister filling her with Jell-O shots, their house continually overrun with unruly males, all seemingly bent on leading her down a path to self-destruction. As her memory gradually clears after one particularly crazy night of Jell-Os, Livie vaguely recalls a very sexy man and a very hard wall against her back. He should not be the man Livie wants. As the weeks roll on, panic sets in as her grades deteriorate, and she finds herself questioning her choice of career. To make matters worse, she seems to be spending more and more time with the wrong man.

For Ashton, sex is a way to forget. No-one knows his pain, and no-one would understand even if they knew. That is, until a very perceptive, too-good girl named Livie manages to push past his mental barriers and find the source of his hurt and entrapment. As she pulls down those walls, he is left with no place to go but the truth. Somehow, as he confronts his feelings for Livie, he finds there might be other ways to live his life. It’s a painful journey, and both Livie and Ashton have to face up to the hurts they cause others as they find a way to accept the love they have for each other.

It’s not easy to ride the roller-coaster of Livie’s college life without some reservations. There are decisions made and consequences, which makes this a read that is not always easy. But then is life ever that smooth? Rarely, one would surely answer. The choice for Livie will be the right one if she is to live for herself and not for what she believes is required of her.

This book is a standalone book, but part of a very popular series, The Ten Tiny Breaths.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was supplied by the publisher.


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