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Feature book: Take Me as I Am

30 March 2016

Take Me As I AmTake Me as I Am by Charmaine Ross

Kate Moore, or Queen Kate as she is known by those who work for her, has a plan. She is a billionaire’s daughter, but she does not receive things in life, including compliments, easily. She wants to redevelop this property to a high standard and to gain acceptance from her father, Albert Moore. Her father sets a very high standard in his business and personal relationships. He expects his daughter will follow his commands. Kate does so as she is grateful he adopted her. She has even dated the men her father has chosen. Though, she doesn’t understand her father’s distaste when she looks for her sister.

David Wright desperately needs the landscaping job in the hotel gardens Kate is tendering. He has bills to pay. His father has suffered a heart attack, and he was not able to get worker’s compensation despite his ill-health being brought on by work-related issues. David gave up his music to earn the money needed, and he is willing to work all hours to do the job. He works with Kate and starts to feel the attraction, but he has a job to convince Kate they should be together.

Just when David thinks Kate is starting to succumb to his charms, Kate reverts to her normal manner. He then has to convince her she is not like her father as she cares about what happens to others.

I like this story. It shows the very organised and uptight Kate trying to keep things on track as David breaks down her walls. Kate very slowly opens up, and David realises this in one telling act. The reader can only cheer Kate on as she stands up to her father and his deeds, and she finds her HEA with David. She is also nestled in the bosom of David’s family, who accepts her for who she is.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. 30 March 2016 6:25 pm

    Thank you for your lovely review! I’m so glad you liked my book. xx

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