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Feature book: Out of Place

30 March 2016

Out of PlaceOut of Place by Shona Husk

Ed Vincent is feeling unsure. He doesn’t know if the band will make their second album. He knows there are things happening with Dan, but Dan isn’t speaking. Mike is taking a daytime job, but at least Gemma is happy. He surfs the waves of Fremantle and tries to find inspiration for new songs. Then one day, he goes to a coffee shop and sees Olivia.

Olivia Doyle works in the café part-time as the bookkeeper and sometimes as a waitress. She is a single mum who is struggling to make ends meet. She is also struggling with the right time to make the emotional break from her dead fiancé. Olivia has suffered some blows in life, but she would do anything for her son. She has a sister who is getting married, and her sister, Julie, makes a sport out of making Olivia feel bad.

Olivia decides it is time to separate herself from her dead fiancé and start to feel again. She meets up with Ed in a bar after his band’s gig, and she is on a hen’s night. She takes him home to win a challenge. As events unfold, the couple finally work things out by meeting their respective families who may influence their HEA. Olivia will go to the New Year’s Eve party if Ed will accompany her to her sister’s wedding. They then understand they should be together.

This is a story of about 114 pages. And one I really enjoyed as a follow on to the first story. Ed and Olivia are probably in the sweet category until their night together, and it rocks their world. They will do what it takes to be together.

While you could read these as standalones, I strongly recommend that the reader read them in sequence. You find a little part of each of the characters in each of the stories. I suspect you will want to make sure you have them all, to keep reading story after story, as they are addictive.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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