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Feature book: Out of Rhythm

23 March 2016

Out of RhythmOut of Rhythm by Shona Husk

Gemma Field is in a band, Selling the Sun. She is a late addition to the band, but she fits in well. The band is currently having a break in their hometown of Fremantle while they recover from their tour. The band has had some success with their debut album and some ARIA nominations. They need to rest and complete their second album. However, there is also some sniping between the band members, and they all feel they may fail to continue this success.

Gemma has had a failed relationship or at the very least an almost-failed relationship. She kissed a girl. Not some random girl but her best friend, Kirsten. Gemma knows her family will not understand and will not be forgiving when they find out their daughter prefers girls to guys. The first step is making up with her friend. Gemma and Kirsten discuss their misunderstanding and when they spend their first night together, Kirsten’s brother accidentally finds them together. There is much to be revealed and discussed for all of the parties involved with Gemma, Kirsten. The way Gemma and Kirsten’s families individually react will make you angry and happy.

This is a great introduction to this series, although it is very short at 57 pages. I also hadn’t expected that the first relationship would be about Gemma and her girlfriend. This is a great title that definitely suits the story. It is a HFN story, but I am looking forward to discovering more details on Gemma and Kirsten in the following stories.

While you could read these as standalones, I strongly recommend that the reader read them in sequence. You find a little part of each of the characters in each of the stories. I suspect you will want to make sure you have them all, to keep reading story after story, as they are addictive.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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