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Feature book: Two to Wrangle

16 March 2016

Two to Wrangle_VaneTwo to Wrangle by Victoria Vane

This is part two of Ty and Monica’s story.

This part starts with the pair trying to deal with Tom’s death and his final requests. Monica has become a very wealthy woman, and Ty is given voting rights to the hotel property. It is here that Evan reappears as he wants the property. Monica realises what Evan wants and says it is now Ty’s decision, which doesn’t make Evan very happy. Monica has become friendly with many of the workers and starts to look at them in a different light. She even attends a rodeo and is shocked when Ty jumps in the ring to help his friend. During this time, Monica has to contend with her ex-fiancé, Evan, and Ty his ex-wife, who has a proposition he is absolutely not interested in pursuing.

And yes, you will need to read this part to get to the HEA between Ty and Monica.

Tom’s death separates the two stories. Hell in Heels shows the story leading up to his death, and Two to Wrangle shows the story after his death. The reader can see the development of the relationship between Ty and Monica in the first half. It starts very cool and somewhat frustrating for the two. Ty is an open and expressive person. Monica is cool and organised. This pair need to come to a middle point, which happens in the second story. The ending to this story is very satisfying.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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