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Feature book: Hell on Heels

16 March 2016

Hell on Heels_VaneHell on Heels by Victoria Vane

Ty Morgan is elated. He has just managed to get a fifty million dollar loan from Tom, his much wealthier business partner. However, his elation at being able to redevelop his hotel is short-lived when Tom has a stroke. Ty then meets Monica Brandt who is very reluctant to continue the deal as she thinks Ty is using her father. Ty is a retired cowboy. He was once on the rodeo circuit, but having been brought into the hotel to run it, he has ideas to make it the going concern it should be.

Monica Brandt has only come to know her father in recent years. Her mother lied to him about her birth, but she is trying to make up time with her father. Monica is engaged to Evan with whom she works. Monica wants to go to her father, but Evan demands that she stay. Monica breaks the engagement and goes to her father. Initially Monica’s façade is one of cold-heartedness. She doesn’t know Ty and is quite rightly unconvinced that she wants to give Ty $50 million.

After their bad start, Ty and Monica start to recognise they both have Tom’s interests at heart and try to get on together. Then Tom dies … and this is where this story ends. What? No HEA? What happens … and I was left hanging. Then I find out the resolution is in the next part, Two to Wrangle. Phew.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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