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Feature book: Fighting Back

9 March 2016

Fighting Back_DallasFighting Back by Kirsty Dallas

In the second book of the series, we read Rebecca’s story, and we are also provided with some details about her background.

Rebecca Donovan almost has it all. She runs a florist shop; she helps others and gets to sleep with the occasional man. Okay, the last man she slept with was Charlie Cole, and she desperately wants to do so again. In order to forget Charlie, Rebecca has a date with the guy who sleeps with everyone, Luke. She feels bad while on the date and leaves early. Later that night, she finds a man in her room prepared to rape her. She manages to scream, and the police arrive soon after.

Charlie Cole likes his women. He is a love ‘em and leave ‘em type. On his way home from a sleepover date, he receives a call from Mercy to help Rebecca. He is there in an instant. He is the only one who can talk to her and get her to do the things necessary to get the investigation moving, to find out who did this to her. He takes her to his place and cares for her. He has to listen to the nightmares and see her at her indecisive worst.

Charlie dearly wants to beat the culprit to a pulp and thinks Luke is the one. He challenges him to a boxing match and then is made to realise that Luke wasn’t the one who entered her home. Rebecca discovers it was her (previously unknown to her) brother-in-law who broke into her house. Rebecca then discovers where and what happened to her sister after she left home. It is quite distressing for Rebecca (and the reader) to find out what Emily’s life has been like.

This story takes the reader on a voyage into the staid life of Rebecca and the brutal life of Emily. Emily does things to save her sister in the final showdown.

For the most part, it is what you would expect from a suspense story. However, when you hear Emily’s story, it takes you into an underground and brutal aspect of the BDSM culture, definitely not your Fifty Shades type BDSM.

I really liked this story. It follows in the steps of Saving Ella, using Mercy’s refuge as a base. Now I need to read Emily’s story and how she will find her HEA.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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