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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Mar 2016

8 March 2016

Pride_200Hello to all our fellow GLBTQI romance readers Down Under!

This month brings the release of Bearly There by Bailey Bradford, book one in her brand new series, City Shifters. Bailey has become somewhat of an expert in M/M paranormal romance, so we can expect big things from this series. In Bearly There, you’ll follow Jagger Osterman, a bear shifter who feels restricted by his routine life in the city. What he really wants is to run free in the mountains. Kevin Kelly is a pronghorn shifter who has been cursed to stay in his human form. Both men are trapped in different ways, but can they come together to find freedom? Sexy, virile, and fun.

We’re also pleased to announce the release of Caught in the Undertow by Helena Maeve. Set at the all-male Ledwich University, this contemporary super novel brings us Ward and Dylan, two men from completely different worlds yet their chemistry is red-hot and impossible to ignore. If they have to keep their relationship a secret as Ledwich reveals its darker side, then so be it. A gripping read that will add some serious spice to your ereaders and bookshelves.

Fans of historical fantasy titles will find themselves hooked on Deathless by Belinda Burke. Known for her prowess in the genre, Belinda brings another beautifully written fantasy novella that will transport you into a different world. The wilderness has bestowed upon Myrddin, son of the Wood God and a mortal woman, an overflowing well of powers he can no longer control. The man who can help him a nameless stranger, whom he calls Kas. Kas is Death—its essence and its king … its master. Since the first death that came into this world, he has been alone, essential and solitary—until Myrddin.

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Pride covers_Mar2016Coming up in March:

  • Bearly There by Bailey Bradford
  • Tipping Point by Helena Maeve
  • The Handyman Can by Lily G. Blunt
  • Fermenting by Sean Michael
  • A Sound Beginning by Jeff Adams
  • Psychic Says by JJ Black
  • Shadows and Light by Cari Z
  • So Into You by Remmy Duchene
  • Stuck on Rewind by Dianne Hartsock
  • Begging to Serve by Morticia Knight
  • A Double Sacrifice by Jaxx Steele
  • Page’s Price by Jenna Byrnes
  • Caught in the Undertow by Helena Maeve
  • Deathless by Belinda Burke
  • Unspoken by RA Padmos
  • Elemental Love by LM Somerton

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