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Feature book: The Duke’s Daughter

2 March 2016

The Dukes Daughter_CottmanThe Duke’s Daughter by Sasha Cottman

Their life together all depends on one thing. But will Avery be able to give it up for Lucy?

Avery Fox is in a bind. Although a distant cousin, he is the newly designated heir to the Langham family estate. He has returned for his brother’s funeral. Thaxter Fox caused lots of angst for the Langham family by stealing items and kidnapping the woman he needed to make his bride. Thaxter is dead, and Avery is now the heir. He has been in the military for fifteen years since he ran away from home. He was at Waterloo and is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as it would be referred to today. He has a deep secret, and this also drives many of his actions and decisions.

Lady Lucy Radley is intrigued by Avery Fox. She wants to assist him with the ways of the ton so that he can successfully integrate himself into society. But Lucy has also fallen in love with Avery and wants him as her husband. Then suddenly due to a clandestine meeting in the garden and an inappropriate kiss, Lucy finds herself married to Avery. On their wedding night, they decide to get a divorce or, at the very least, an annulment in Scotland. On the journey, they decide they can abide each other, although the divorce is still in play. When Lucy realises that the divorce isn’t as easy as she believes, Lucy and her mother scheme to keep Avery, the man Lucy loves, in the marriage.

Once Lucy and Avery are in the isolated cabin, they talk things through and come to a decision. To assist Avery’s healing, they will go to Paris to return the watch that Avery has in his keeping. The watch has caused Avery much angst, and when he is able to return the watch, he finds some succour. Avery is in danger of losing Lucy because of his behaviour towards her, but after a chat with William, Lucy’s cousin, Avery sees what he will be missing.

I enjoyed this story as it provides a different background to the usual Regency story, especially as Avery has PTSD but doesn’t recognise he has it. He has focused on the watch as being the issue. Lucy recognises that he is going through a traumatic event and tries to help him. It is then that the couple is able to look forward to a future. All Lucy’s machinations finally work, and she gets her man.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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