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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Mar 2016

1 March 2016

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Hello everyone!

Thanks again to ARRA for having us here, we’re very excited to tell you all about what’s coming up for Totally Bound this March.

This month brings the release of The Executioner by Maggie Nash, a contemporary thriller that’s bound to have you hooked from page one! A team-building exercise at a remote location reignites the heat between former lovers Madeleine Smith and Nicholas Garabaldi. When team members start dying they must learn to trust again before they can outwit whoever is killing off the group one by one. Is this the ‘Executioner’ from the indigenous Dreamtime legend of the local Bibulmun tribe? Or is it someone closer to home? An intense, gripping and steamy read.

Another of our enticing March releases is Weathering the Storm by Kait Gamble. This sensual read surrounds Maia Reynolds, a successful travel writer and workaholic. Only one man has ever been able to break down her barriers—Alexandre, who is completely enthralled by the beautiful and maddening Maia. The pair both need to confront their pasts in order to move forward together. A red-hot read to liven up your day!

If you’re a fan of historical romance, we suggest picking up a copy of Jewel of Ramstone by JM Powers. This medieval erotic read follows the journey of a young maiden who awakes in the forest and remembers nothing, not even her name. Equally conflicting is her desire to both slap and kiss Sir Galeron, the knight who claims to have protected her while she was unconscious. Will Ruby ever recall her past? And does she really want to? Delve into a bygone era for the ultimate erotic escapism.

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TEB covers_Mar2016Coming up in March …

  • Wolf Pack by Crissy Smith
  • Picking Roses by BA Tortuga
  • Raw Silk by Lisabet Sarai
  • Inked Promise by Tierney O’Malley
  • The Executioner by Maggie Nash
  • Enemy Red by Marie Harte
  • Weathering the Storm by Kait Gamble
  • Audacious Audit by Lola White
  • Black Aggie by Evie Jayne
  • After Party Affair by Isabel Raven
  • Jewel of Ramstone by JM Powers

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