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Feature book: Lady Hope and the Duke of Darkness

24 February 2016

Lady Hope and the Duke of Darkness_AndersenLady Hope and the Duke of Darkness by Maggi Andersen

Lady Hope has toured the continent with her aunt and has returned home. Hope is in the same position as her older sisters; her father wants her to marry a duke. So far, two of his daughters have ignored his wishes, but they have married good men and ones they loved. The pressure is now on Hope, and her father has just the duke for her to marry. Hope considers the duke stuffy, but she is intrigued by another duke.

Daniel Brienne, Duc du Ténèbres, is half English. His wife and son died on an English Channel crossing during a fierce storm. He has reluctantly returned to England on a peace mission at the request of his friends in France and England. But someone does not want the mission to succeed, and he finds he is in danger. He is then attacked on the road to England but manages to give the would-be murderer the slip. On his return to England, Daniel finds out he has a half-sister. He has to investigate her claims, which do prove to be correct. He then tries to have her accepted by society. Lady Hope is the person to assist with this.

Lady Hope and Daniel are thrown together often as she has befriended his sister, Sophie, and is looking out for her. As the season continues, Hope is the unwitting partner in crime for Sophie, who wants to marry the man she loves, not someone from society. Hope must work with Daniel to cover the elopement.

I have enjoyed the stories so far of the Baxendale sisters. And knowing there are a couple more sisters to come adds to my anticipation, to find out more about how these younger sisters will develop and who they will marry. While this story is a standalone, it is nice to read them in sequence as you are able to pick up some things in the background.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. Malvina permalink
    24 February 2016 7:50 am

    Maggi, you’re such a good storyteller! Good luck with the book. Sounds fabulous.

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