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Feature book: Incapable

24 February 2016

Incapable_PatonIncapable by Ainslie Paton

Georgia is separated and almost divorced from her husband Hamish, whom she married out of guilt and remorse. She finally feels free after doing bedside care for eight years after Hamish suffered brain damage due to an attack by a mentally ill man in London. She is a sound engineer, and after Hamish cheated on her, she moved back from England to Australia. She gets a job with a recording studio called Avocado.

Damon is a high-profile, in demand, voice actor. He has voiced some iconic characters and created phrases that have worked their way into common usage. He also has a fabulous singing voice, which he doesn’t use professionally, but he does sing with his friends in a band. He can sound like just about anyone because of his vocal skills and range. Damon has sight problems, due to a degenerative disease that will eventually leave him blind. He has sufficient vision that he can get about mostly on his own without people realising he has a problem. Damon’s band mates are a great bunch of supporting friends; most of them have known each other since childhood.

Damon, for some reason, finds Georgia irresistible. Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t fawn over him because of his voice and wealth, or mother him or brush him off as though he’s contagious because of his sight problems. Georgia is so bruised from her years with Hamish that she decides she shouldn’t act on her attraction to Damon. These guys are tentative to begin with but mostly because of Georgia’s reluctance to fall into carer habits. However, Damon is determined to have Georgia see him as able-bodied and not requiring care. In the process, they develop a relationship that scorches the sheets.

This third book in the Love Triumphs series was fabulous—another page turner. (Note the books are standalones but share the theme of love triumphing.) Ainslie Paton creates these characters that just draw you in while they deal with issues that people in real life may have difficulty with. I thoroughly enjoyed Georgia and Damon, from her being thrilled at sitting in underwear—with no one to say she couldn’t—to his grit and determination to pull himself out of his anger and despair. Their relationship had its highs and lows but is impassioned (the phone sex without phones is brilliant). He is a delight to read; she is an intriguing mix of vulnerability and strength, and together they make you believe in love. A great read, thoroughly recommended.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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