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Release day: Exile’s Return

15 February 2016

Today is the official release of Exile’s Return by Alison Stuart (Guardians of the Crown, book 3) (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

Exile's ReturnThe breath-taking conclusion to Alison Stuart’s English Civil War trilogy introduces a heroine with nothing left to lose and a hero with everything to gain…

England, 1659: Following the death of Cromwell, a new king is poised to ascend the throne of England. One by one, those once loyal to the crown begin to return …
Imprisoned, exiled and tortured, fugitive Daniel Lovell returns to England, determined to kill the man who murdered his father. But his plans for revenge must wait, as the King has one last mission for him.

Agnes Fletcher’s lover is dead, and when his two orphaned children are torn from her care by their scheming guardian, she finds herself alone and devastated by the loss. Unwilling to give up, Agnes desperately seeks anyone willing to accompany her on a perilous journey to save the children and return them to her care. She didn’t plan on meeting the infamous Daniel Lovell. She didn’t plan on falling in love.
Thrown together with separate quests – and competing obligations – Daniel and Agnes make their way from London to the English countryside, danger at every turn. When they are finally given the opportunity to seize everything they ever hoped for, will they find the peace they crave, or will their fledgling love be a final casualty of war?

Alison dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

This story has been a long time coming! Last year Escape Publishing re-released my first two historical novels, By the Sword and The King’s Man as books 1 and 2 of the Guardians of the Crown series. I had always meant for there to be a third book (and in fact I had written a ‘next generation’ book to tie up the loose ends of books 1 and 2) but after discussion with my editor (and feedback from reviewers) we decided that the series arc had to end with the Restoration of King Charles II, rather than jump forward to a next generation. Daniel Lovell, the hero of Exile’s Return, appears in book 1 as an idealistic youth and is referenced extensively in book 2. In fact, I had always left Daniel’s fate somewhat uncertain at the end of book 2 and we thought it was time for Daniel’s story to be told. The year is 1659 and after eight years of imprisonment, torture and exile, it is time for Daniel Lovell to come home! While By the Sword and The King’s Man are stand-alone stories, I do recommend you read both of them before Exile’s Return because I found as I was writing the story that it is not just Daniel’s story but also the story of many of the characters from the previous two books. I am sure it reads fine by itself, but if you have read and loved the previous two books, you will get so much more out of Exile’s Return.

You can find out more about this book at Alison’s website or buy it from Amazon.

All ARRA members who leave a comment on this post will go in the draw to win a copy of the book. The giveaway will close on 29 February. On her website Alison is also running a contest to win ‘Guardians of the Crown’ swag. (The giveaway is now closed. The winner was Jay Hicks.)

  1. Yvonne permalink
    18 February 2016 1:48 am

    Congratulations on your release. The review is great and I now need to read all this series. Looking forward to the Exiles’s Return.

  2. 15 February 2016 10:54 pm

    Books 1 & 2 are well worth reading Jay and I am thrilled to get my paws round another one. Really looking forwad to it Alison. Congratulations!

  3. 15 February 2016 9:29 pm

    This blurb makes me want to read books 1&2! Best wishes for fantastic sales Alison. I know what I’ll be looking for on the shelves – all three! Perhaps there will be many more like me. Jay

  4. 15 February 2016 9:15 am

    Thank you for hosting me today 🙂 So excited to bring this series to its dramatic conclusion!

  5. lynette williams permalink
    15 February 2016 9:08 am

    congratulations Alison on the release as I have read the other books in the series I have had this one on order so looking to read it as well —LynW

    • 15 February 2016 9:16 am

      I do hope you enjoy it, Lynette. Lots of familiar characters pop up to have their say!

  6. 15 February 2016 8:49 am

    Woohoo Happy Release Day Alison

    Can I say this book is a beauty it tied up the ends so well and I loved this first two books in this series but I think this one is my favourite thank you Alison I highly recommend this series these books are a must read 🙂

    Have Fun

    • 15 February 2016 9:17 am

      Thank you so much, Helen. I am thrilled that it is going over so well with the readers. There was a big break between writing the first two books and this one!

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