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Release day: Into the Fire

11 February 2016

Today is the official release of Into the Fire by Claire Boston (ebook, Momentum). Here’s the blurb:

Into the FirePiper Atkinson uses the truth as a weapon, but her latest interview candidate is more than just a headline.

Piper wants to be the kind of journalist who makes people sit up and take notice of the issues, and in Houston, Texas, there are plenty to go around. In the city’s high-end restaurant world, reclusive Native American chef Taima Woods is discussed in reverential whispers, so when the opportunity to interview him arrives, Piper jumps at it.​ But getting to Tai is tougher than she expected. He has a deep mistrust of reporters, and a private life he’d prefer to keep hidden. There are two passions in Tai’s life—his cooking and his tribe—and he means to keep it that way. But the closer Tai gets to Piper, the closer he comes to conceding a third.​ Through Tai, Piper discovers a world she knew nothing about—a damaged and ostracized community in need of a voice. But the more Piper wants to help them, the more Tai understands that to love Piper is to turn his back on his people. ​Will Tai reject the one woman who’s ever understood him? Or can Piper show him that hardening his heart helps no one?

Claire dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

I’ve always been a little reluctant to have characters who are a different ethnicity from me in my books. I’ve been worried I might portray them incorrectly, or make some terrible mistake about their culture and offend someone. I finally realised that I just needed to do a bit more research and chat to people of that race to discover any differences. Into the Fire is my first attempt—my hero, Tai, is Native American. I really enjoyed researching Native Americans, seeing what issues they faced and learning more about their diverse cultures. I hope I’ve represented them well and I hope you enjoy the book.

You can find out more about this book on Claire’s website or buy it from Momentum.


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