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Feature book: Lady Honor’s Debt

10 February 2016

Lady Honors Debt_AndersenLady Honor’s Debt by Maggi Andersen

Lady Honor Baxendale doesn’t want to marry. She would be happy to just have an independent life. Honor’s stepfather is pressuring her to marry the Duke of Morven as he wants to have a least one of his daughters, step or not, move up within society. Honor discovers that her father is in significant debt due to being cheated out of his money. Edward Winborne does catch Honor’s eye but for something she wants him to do rather than being her husband.

Honor goes to see Edward, who is a solicitor and a family friend, so that he can find the man who cheated her father. Once she has this information, she wants to sell her mother’s rubies so that she can use the money to gamble and win back her father’s money. Well, it will be a one-time thing to gamble with the man who cheated her father. Edward is wary, of course, and sits on the periphery to protect Honor.

Edward also tends to appear at the most inopportune time, including interrupting the Duke of Morven when he is courting Honor, but Edward wants to keep an eye on her. It is then that Honor’s instinct about the duke proves to be correct. Honor is then ‘banished’ to her aunt’s place in the country. Her father, in a sly move, sets the situation for Edward to find Honor and claim her hand.

This story is a nice introduction to the Baxendale girls, and although Honor is only a half-sister, she has the same determination and wants to marry for love. The relationship between Honor and Edward slowly grows. Both are seemingly unaware until the moment of their realisation that they want to be together, forever. I love this feature in a story as it is the slow burn for the couple.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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