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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Feb 2016

8 February 2016

Pride_200Hello to all our fellow romance readers Down Under!

This month brings the release of Hiding in Plain Sight by Ethan Stone, the prequel to his first What’s his Passion? novel, Vegas Hustle. Set ten years later, Hiding in Plain Sight revisits Adam Brand, comic book fanatic and his now former flame, Javi Campos. Now a personal escort, Javi is terrified when his companion for the evening is killed in the bed they shared. Adam is the only person Javi can trust in Portland, so he calls on him for help. What follows is a story packed with twists and turns, that will no doubt keep you guessing until the very end! And of course, things heat up pretty quickly when the pair realise their chemistry is still red-hot. A thrilling, gripping and incredibly steamy read.

We’re also pleased to announce the release of Pretty Human by Kayleigh Sky, a sexy M/M sci-fi novel. Follow the intriguing, explosive relationship of Ellis Ligoria, King of Planet Xol, and the genetically submissive Xolani, Jem. Having been rescued by Ellis, Jem wants nothing more than to live a quiet life by his side. Things aren’t that simple though, as Jem is running from a powerful monster bent on revenge.

Fans of F/F romance titles will find themselves hooked on Tanith Davenport’s I Wish I’d Never Met You. This contemporary short story surrounds Flick Lindenwood and the girl who broke her heart four years ago, Elodie. Unable to come out to her family, Elodie had destroyed her relationship with Flick. Now that Flick is back from college, it’s Elodie’s change to make things right. A fantastic, sexy coming out story.

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Pride covers_Feb2016Coming up in February:

  • Counterfeit Conscience by Helena Maeve
  • Comfort Zone by Alexa Milne
  • Blood of the Land by Adrik Kemp
  • Rattrap by LM Somerton
  • Hiding in Plain Sight by Ethan Stone
  • Peace by TA Chase
  • Blue Moon Rising by Bailey Bradford
  • Bondage Rescue by Morticia Knight
  • Neat Trick by Jaime Samms
  • Leading Me Home by Megan Linden
  • The Captain’s Beloved by Scarlet Blackwell
  • Pride Under Fire by Elizabeth Coldwell
  • Pretty Human by Kayleigh Sky
  • I Wish I’d Never Met You by Tanith Davenport
  • Stroke Rate by LM Somerton

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