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Feature book: Some Girls Lie

3 February 2016

Some Girls LieSome Girls Lie by Amy Andrews

Jemima Jane (JJ) Ericson has had a thing for Ethan Weston since, well, forever. She runs the local pub where the Westons are frequent patrons. She dislikes his first wife, but she has never said a word against her. Then one night Ethan gets drunk as he misses his daughter. His ex-wife and her new husband have taken her on their honeymoon.

JJ lets Ethan stay at her place and they end up in bed together. The regrets start, and Ethan and JJ try to sort out what to do. JJ’s ex turns up, well he breaks into JJ’s place when Ethan is there. Ethan plays the he-man and gets rid of Shane, but he is concerned that Shane might return. Ethan has seen what Shane did to JJ when they were married. This puts a set of circumstances in place that throws Ethan and JJ together in one house.

Ethan and JJ pretend to be engaged so that her ex stays away. It also helps Ethan to maintain parental rights over his daughter. There are many incidents that continue to throw Ethan and JJ together and these circumstances are made harder by their agreement to abstain from sex. However, as with all good romances we know they cannot keep away from each other. But I really liked the scene between JJ, Ethan and Dennis. Oh, and Dennis is JJ’s vibrator.

Ethan manages to convince JJ to move into his house, when his daughter returns. The set of rules they have constructed about not touching and not giving each other heated looks does not seem to be working, especially as they are required to share the same bed to show they are a couple. When JJ goes missing, Ethan knows exactly who it is and leads the charge to save JJ. This brings their actual feelings into the open and seals their forever relationship.

This fourth and final book in the Outback Heat series is definitely a great read.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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