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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Feb 2016

2 February 2016

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Hello to all our fellow avid romance fiction fans in Australia!

It’s February, which means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So this month, there’s no other genre of choice—it’s romance all the way! We have plenty of exciting new releases to add some sizzle and sass to your reading list.

This month brings the release of Barbara Elsborg’s Kiss Interrupted, a contemporary fantasy release that’s bound to blow your socks off. Libby and Fyn are a far cry from each other’s ‘type’, but somehow their chemistry is undeniable. Things between the two get complicated, especially given the fact they work together, and somehow things are broken off before they can really begin. But when the world literally comes crashing down around them, any preconceptions go out the window. An exciting, gripping and highly sexy book.

Another of our enticing February releases is Fractured Hearts by SJD Peterson, a contemporary ménage title that is not only red-hot, but also incredibly well-written and captivating in its plot. Join two sexy cowboys and a passionate veterinarian as they fight their past in order to establish a happy future together. Charlie McCarty rarely lets anyone get close to her as a result of a tricky past, but when two gorgeous cowboys enter the scene it’s time for her to let her hair down and mend her heart. Packed with sensuality, sexiness and emotion, Fractured Hearts is sure to provide the perfect erotic escapism.

If you’re a fan of chick-lit romance, we suggest picking up a copy of Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage by Jill Steeples. This witty, sweeter romance novel surrounds Molly Matthews, an expert in all things love. And so she should be, given that the runs the most exclusive marriage bureau in town. Why, then, is her own love life such a disaster? Things get even more complicated when Rory Campbell, international film star, walks into the office requesting her services. As Molly struggles to put her personal feelings aside, entertaining consequences follow. A hilarious, unputdownable read that’s perfect for some feel-good Valentine’s reading.

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TEB covers_Feb2016Coming up in February …

  • A Fallen Hero by Sharon Kimbra Walsh
  • Spies R Us by Amber Malloy
  • Tasting Pleasure by Anarie Brady
  • The Bookshop by RA Padmos
  • Caprice by Cassidy Ryan
  • What’s Your Pleasure? by Anarie Brady
  • Kiss Interrupted by Barbara Elsborg
  • Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage by Jill Steeples
  • Discovering Pleasure by Anarie Brady
  • Fractured Hearts by SJD Peterson
  • Conquest of a Fairy by Anarie Brady



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