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Feature book: Some Guys Need a Lot of Lovin’

27 January 2016

Some Guys Need a Lot of LovinSome Guys Need a Lot of Lovin’ by Amy Andrews

Marcus and Juanita have a one-night stand in the city. They like it that way—first name only, as they can be anonymous.

Marcus Weston has been feeling at sixes and sevens since the bushfire went near Jumbuck Springs. Then, an incident at the football field has Marcus on leave until he can prove that he is back to normal. Marcus is, of course, very resentful that he does not have work to distract him from his thoughts. Then he finds his one-night stand in town.

Juanita Slattery has struggled to be respected in her field of study. After presenting a paper at a conference and being hit on by some of the participants, she decides to treat herself for what she considers to be a successful delivery of her paper. And as it is her birthday that day, she finds that Marcus is the perfect present. Then Juanita ends up in Jumbuck Springs as the locum psychologist, who specialises in post-traumatic stress disorder. The psychologists have been in town to assist the locals with their concerns or nightmares after the bushfire. As Juanita and Marcus have had previous contact, she can’t be the person who treats Marcus for the issues he has left over about the bushfire and finding the bodies.

Juanita wants to be with Marcus, but she also finds she needs to guide him to the place where he can first recognise he has demons that need soothing and then fight his demons. Throughout the different times they are together, Juanita is able to get Marcus to think about his mental health, and he finally makes it to the point where he is ready.

This couple is able to deal with the psychological demons and make their relationship work. It is then that Juanita gives Marcus her birthday present to him. This is another great story continuing the Outback Heat series.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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