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Feature book: Dancing Queen

27 January 2016

Dancing QueenDancing Queen by Diane Demetre

Former Moulin Rouge dancer Michele Johnston is currently a party and event planner. She is divorced from her gay husband, and at forty-two, she is beginning a journey to explore her sexuality and have a good time. She has three good friends she meets weekly for various activities. They talk about men, their sex lives and go clubbing together. They were all once professional dancers. Her adoptive mother has the beginnings of dementia but refuses to go into care.

Mark Miller is a yacht captain, who was previously an undercover narcotics cop. He is physically arresting, well-built and handsome. He and Michele have scorching, burn-the-house-down-can’t-walk-properly-afterwards sex.

Nick Stavros is a Greek businessman. He’s not much taller than Michele, has a small paunch and an open marriage. He usually gets what he wants and is persistent in his pursuit of Michele. Their first copulative experience is unsatisfactory for them both.

Michele is on a journey to explore her sexuality, not fall in love. Her first encounter is with Mark and has her loosing her heart to someone who feels a profound connection to her but won’t change his life to be with her. Mark continues to contact Michele for scorching sex, even after revealing he is married. After various other encounters, Michele succumbs to Nick’s invitations, stipulating a platonic relationship. This relationship evolves but is more sugar daddy than grand passion. She gives up the scorching sex with the unattainable Mark to have a life with Nick, who wants to worship her as his queen (which involves divorcing his current wife).

Michele’s sexual journey is set against a background of four girlfriends, meeting up, talking about their sex lives, looking fabulous and going out clubbing etc. It is reminiscent of Sex and the City, Gold Coast style. There are concepts explored that might be off-putting for some readers, including drug use, open marriages, infidelity and random sexual encounters. There’s also belief in meeting in past lives and discussions with an inner goddess, who provides oracle-type advice. Michele ends up with a safe-for-now relationship rather than the usual HEA or HFN.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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