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Feature book: The Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge

20 January 2016

The Billionaires Passionate RevengeThe Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge by Jennifer St George

It is a classic story of the rich and pampered girl and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

Lady Zara Ravensdale wants to get Ravensdale Manor back to its former glory. She is trying to keep the bank at bay so that she can do the restoration. She knows of a famous person, who wants to stay at the Manor due to its privacy. Then she finds out it is her former love, Xavier. Her father is definitely against Xavier and his family, as he believes Xavier’s father tried to entice his wife and Zara’s mother away from him. Zara’s father has lied and cheated to split Zara and Xavier, and some of the things her father does are quite dastardly.

Xavier Hunt was the gardener’s son and was attracted to Zara when they were teens. One disastrous event made Xavier determined to make more of himself and prove he is someone to be proud of. He returns to Ravensdale Manor as a billionaire, through his gardening show and his different associated products. He also has a plan to destroy the Ravensdale family.

When he arrives at the Manor, Zara is stunned but prepared to do what she can to make him feel welcome and comfortable. The accusations fly between the pair as they try and work through past events and actions. Zara and Xavier slowly begin to understand the reasons why their earlier relationship didn’t work. Zara does not want to believe her father had anything to do with the tragedy, but when faced with the facts, she feels betrayed by both her father and Xavier. Zara finds she can’t trust Xavier, but because he loves her, he does everything he can to ensure she can trust him. How he gets his message to her will have you smiling, as it is a very romantic gesture. For the gardeners out there, it involves a flower trail. She finds the final message in their special place. This will have you sighing.

The story brings together two people who have loved each other for a long time. Xavier feels that now he is successful, he has levelled the playing field and deserves Zara, even though Zara never felt that there were any social barriers between them. These types of stories are always heart warming.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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    Thanks so much for the lovely review, Heather. Thanks ARRA!!

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