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Feature book: Desperate Deception

20 January 2016

Desperate DeceptionDesperate Deception by DB Tait

Julia Taylor is currently trying to find her way in the world. In Book 1, Cold Deception, she has just been released from prison after serving ten years for a murder she didn’t commit (but feels responsible for). She is feeling isolated even though she has a relationship with cop Dylan Andrews, and she is getting on well with her mother Eleanor (a famous artist) and Eleanor’s partner, Dee. Julia has been designing pictures, which a friend is having printed on tea towels, pillows and other objects to sell in an attention-grabbing arts and crafts store.

Dylan Andrews is a cop in the Blue Mountains. He’s in love with Julia, but she’s hesitant to commit to him because she feels her jail time will sully his work prospects. Dylan is a recovering alcoholic, whose wife committed suicide some years previously. He is determined in his sobriety and in his relationship with Julia. While he’s concerned for Julia, he isn’t one of those men who insist on wrapping the little woman up in cotton wool. He respects Julia’s instincts and uses her observations of people to augment his own in the murder and disappearance cases he is working.

Julia and Dylan have a steady but passionate relationship, of which Julia feels unworthy. She believes her jail time is having adverse effects on Dylan’s police career and feels she causes tension for him when they meet his friends and colleagues, none of which Dylan agrees with. She has some issues to work through on self-worth, and as the story progresses, we discover Dylan has some issues following him from his past as well. Dylan, however, is determined to live a fulfilled life with Julia, and she comes to understand she needs him in her life as well.

The book takes you on an engaging journey with Julia, so the pages pass quickly. The subject matter is a little dark with themes of sexual violence, abused children and murder, expressed through a personal, rather than an analytical (CSI or cop) viewpoint. It’s an interesting mystery with twists and turns, against a backdrop of the Blue Mountains. The relationship between Julia and Dylan is woven neatly into the murder mystery storyline, with a little more emphasis on the mystery than on the romance. However, they are at a delicate stage in their relationship, and the story has you rooting for them to succeed, especially as they both have difficult histories. Thoroughly entertaining, with some dark aspects. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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