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Feature book: Three Reasons to Wed

13 January 2016

Three Reasons to WedThree Reasons to Wed by Helen Lacey

Will her long-lost secret love even acknowledge her existence? Marissa is about to find out.

Marissa Ellis has just returned to her hometown to care for her aunt and to get over her recent divorce. She lost her mother when she was young, has never known her father and has lost her best friend, Liz. Her husband was a dastardly man who belittled and hit her, and she is only too happy to get away from him. She has kept this abuse aspect of her life secret from everyone.

Marissa has always been involved with Liz’s daughters, and now living next door will increase her involvement, but first she has to get past Grady. Marissa also has secretly liked Grady since high school and wanted him to take her to the prom. Liz was the intermediary, but Grady and Marissa never got together, instead Liz ended up with Grady. This broke Marissa’s heart.

Grady Parker has lost his wife, Liz, and has been left with the three girls. She was the love of his life and he cannot imagine loving another. Then there is Marissa. He wants to remain friends, and he wants his daughters to know their mother’s friend. He also wants Marissa to be a feminine influence for the girls.

As the days go on, Grady and Marissa find themselves together, whether it is in the store, in his home or him teaching her to ride a horse. With all these occasions, the girls are also becoming more drawn to Marissa, and they decide they want her to be their new mother.

The chemistry between Marissa and Grady is evident throughout the story. It is just that Grady doesn’t understand what is happening, as he is adamant that he loved Liz and there will never be another like her. However, he realises he can love again in a different way and it doesn’t mean that he loves Liz any less. This love makes room for Marissa. It is really nice the couple can get over the past to know they should be together.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.


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