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Feature book: Awakening the Ravensdale Heiress

13 January 2016

Awakening the Ravensdale HeiressAwakening the Ravensdale Heiress by Melanie Milburne

What can one do to escape the paparazzi? Go to Italy with an attractive man, of course. Nothing will happen; you’ve made a vow of chastity.

Miranda Ravensdale is the youngest of the Ravensdale family. She has studied art history. She does not like the limelight. It really bothers her and she wants to get away when the paparazzi follows her, asking about the new family scandal and her new half-sister, who the paparazzi say is very attractive. Miranda doesn’t want to deal with the fallout from her parents’ scandal. Leandro Allegretti offers her an opportunity to get away from London, and she takes it. Miranda does not need to find a man, as she made a vow to her young boyfriend on his deathbed that she will never love another.

Miranda and Leandro have known each other for years. Leandro has been a friend to her brothers for many years, but even they do not know his deep secret. Leandro asks her to go to Italy with him to check out his father’s villa, which he inherited upon the death of his father. This helps her escape the London spotlight by looking through his father’s paintings and sort them for sale. As she sorts the paintings, she discovers that Leandro had a sister and the Allegretti family secret. Miranda is able to help Leandro find peace, deal with his father’s actions and his own deep shame. During their time in Italy, Leandro challenges the permanency of Miranda’s vow of chastity. She realises, eventually, her vow is silly and comes to understand Mark, her young love, would never have kept the same vow.

In many respects, this is a sweet story because of Miranda’s chastity vow and Leandro’s vow regarding his sister, but the fire of sexual chemistry between this pair comes through to the reader.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.


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