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Feature book: Ask Me Nicely

6 January 2016

Ask Me NicelyAsk Me Nicely by Amy Andrews

Sal Kennedy is a veterinarian. Her husband, Ben, and her unborn baby died in a car accident nearly six years ago. Doyle Jackson is also a veterinarian, who works as a locum at Sal’s family veterinary business. They are working closely together and share an onsite flat. Doyle is immediately attracted to Sal, however, he finds himself coming up against brick walls at every turn. Sal refuses to get to know him, despite the fact that they are together almost all day, every day.

Sal often has nightmares about the car accident and, in particular, being with her deceased husband for two hours in the car. When she has insomnia, she is often forced to resort to an orgasm to allow her to relax and sleep. She refuses to give anyone else her heart, so embarks on a series of one-night stands, until it is Doyle’s turn to help her orgasm. This completely changes their relationship and pushes her way out of her comfort zone.

Their physical attraction moves to overdrive. However, Doyle’s seeking a relationship, while Sal is only looking for a purely physical relationship. There appears to be no middle ground for the couple, who are continually thrown together by work, circumstances and other people. As they learn more about each other, it builds to a night of fireworks, which leaves them burnt. Can Sal and Doyle build a relationship that meets their needs and wishes?

Ask Me Nicely is a hot book with a great couple who are struggling to be together, and they are ably assisted by an array of unique, interesting characters. An added bonus for the reader is the variety of animals, some cute and cuddly, that also enjoy some of the spotlight in the story. I would recommend this book if you need some time to relax this festive season. However, you might like to be on the beach or by the pool.

Reviewed by Tracey

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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