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Feature book: Ravensdale’s Defiant Captive

30 December 2015

Ravensdales Defiant CaptiveRavensdale’s Defiant Captive by Melanie Milburne

It is bliss to be out of the paparazzi’s firing line. CEO Julius Ravensdale will leave that to his parents and brother, but then he finds himself, along with other members of his family, in the spotlight when a scandal erupts.

Julius likes his home. He is quite comfortable, well away from the paparazzi that follow his parents, sister and brother. He likes that he can work from his home and travel as needed, without that spotlight. His parents are renowned actors, who are actually a volatile couple. The latest scandal has hit his parents, and Julius is happy to hide away in South America. Then he is asked to have someone on a community service in his home. The idea is that this person will work with his housekeeper. This is when he meets Holly.

Holly Perez is defiant. She is forthright in her words as she wants to be on the offensive, rather than defensive and get hurt. She is hiding from her stepfather, as he wants to find her after she scratched his car. He had her arrested. She has seen her mother being bashed by her stepfather and has also been the recipient of that brutality. This does cause some issues when she has to complete household tasks for Julius. She has to go onto the balcony and she freezes. In the end, Holly’s stepfather gets his comeuppance via Julius’s best friend.

Julius likes his structure and finds that Holly disturbs his peace of mind. Holly is often deliberately provocative, as according to her, offence is the best form of defence. It is very entertaining to watch Holly and Julius butt heads and find out which one wins each battle. Julius’s mother turns up when the scandal hits. She doesn’t like Holly and disparages her, but Holly has Julius on her side.

This story has the emotional pull you would expect from the guarded Julius and the defiant Holly. The pair often go toe to toe verbally, and with the added sexual chemistry, the ‘battles’ can be intense.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.


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