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Feature book: A Bad Boy for Christmas

30 December 2015

A Bad Boy for ChristmasA Bad Boy for Christmas by Kelly Hunter

Hallelujah! Cutter’s story at last. Cutter is my favourite Jackson brother. Big, bossy, strong, opinionated and loving. I have a firm picture in my mind of his wearing the pirate hat on the boat, on the swelling seas the night Eli and Zoey got hitched. He’s firmly at the helm of things in the Jackson empire, and everyone falls in line quite nicely, thank you very much. Well, mostly.

Enter Nash, the hitherto unknown doppelgänger of a brother, who is some six weeks older, and Cutter’s world is turned on its head. He no longer holds the position of the oldest. That’s soon put to rest. As accepting as the siblings and their wives are of Nash, Cutter has held the job too long for them to change direction. Where Cutter goes, the rest of them follow. They’ll even support and accept Nash.

Nash didn’t come alone though. He brought firebrand Mia with him. Trying to ignore his wicked attraction to his new brother’s ‘sister’, Cutter is soon wrapped up in bringing Nash into the fold. Complicated huh? He can keep himself away from the pocket Venus, right? Ha ha ha. His mother and father have yet to weigh-in (being overseas), and so Cutter does what Cutter does—makes everything work.

Mia pretty much falls for Cutter as soon as she meets him, but nothing is going to get in the way of her helping Nash sort out his family dynamics and get integrated. So Cutter and Mia snipe and spar, each holding their own overall. The sometimes-I-win-sometimes-you-win scenes are so deftly written.

There’s one part where Cutter asks Caleb ‘Am I that pretty?’. That’s very funny and illustrates his lack of artifice and vanity. He’s an honest and straightforward man who says what he wants and acts with conscience. He’s secure in his place in the world. Love, love, love him.

Kelly Hunter has rounded off the original Jackson trio with a book that seems to get to the heart of things much faster than the other two. The relationship hurtles towards the promised HEA seemingly faster than the others, mostly because the hero and heroine want the same things—fireworks in the day and peace at night (sigh). Mia just needs to believe she is worthy of it.

I don’t want to give too much away—I like to leave things for the reader to discover—but I will say Mia’s job adds an amazing dimension to the role in how she has used it on herself and how she views it. Mia’s arty and clever like Zoey, but different.

Come along for the ride with the Jacksons and A Bad Boy for Christmas. You might think about trying to put Cutter on your list with Santa if you’ve been a good girl or boy. But this ‘bad boy’, who’s a hot-as-hell good man, is already taken.

Reviewed by Sharon

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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