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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Dec 2015

8 December 2015

Pride_200Happy December to all our friends in Australia!

December is one of our favourite months and this year we are very excited about the Christmas fun that’s ahead. There are plenty of festivities to enjoy over at Pride Publishing this month, so keep an eye out for lots of online sales, events and exclusives!

Our Christmas-themed releases always prove to be popular choices at this time of year. We’re sure that Not Every Time by Alexa Milne will be no different. This ‘gay for you’ short story follows Jack, who realises at a company Christmas party that what he’s been looking for has been right in front of him for years, in the form of best friend Raz. A real heart-warming story about having the courage to take that big step.

December also brings the release of our Racing Hearts anthology, featuring six short stories from Bailey Bradford, Morticia Knight, Helena Maeve, LM Somerton, Ethan Stone and Molly Ann Wishlade. This anthology is particularly special to us because it was written in tribute to Pride Publishing editor Sue’s husband, Peter Laybourn, who sadly passed away this year. Each story surrounds the exciting world of horseracing, a sport followed passionately by Sue and Peter. Pride Publishing is donating proceeds to two very deserving UK charities. More information is on our website.

Helena Maeve’s Fistful of Lies is another of our fantastic December releases and is the newest addition to our What’s his Passion? imprint. If you’re looking for a thrilling M/M read (with some hot ménage added in!) that’s full of twists and turns right up to the last page, then this is the ideal choice for some exciting escapism!

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Pride covers_Dec2015Coming up in December:

  • Scenes from Adelaide Road by Helena Stone
  • Vaqueros and Vigilance by Bailey Bradford
  • Protecting his Asset by SA Welsh
  • Chalice by Amber Kell
  • Racing Hearts anthology by Bailey Bradford, Morticia Knight, Helena Maeve, LM Somerton, Ethan Stone and Molly Ann Wishlade
  • Hyatt’s Hunt by Jenna Byrnes
  • Melbourne Heat by Elizabeth Lapthorne
  • Orlin’s Fall by Amber Kell
  • Fistful of Lies by Helena Maeve
  • It Was a Thursday by Carol Lynne
  • Not Every Time by Alexa Milne
  • Zall’s Captain by Amber Kell
  • Safe Limits by Morticia Knight
  • Fate’s Bridge by Carol Lynne
  • Coming in Third by Amber Kell
  • Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford
  • The Unicorn Said Yes by TA Chase
  • Blood on the Moon by Jambrea Jo Jones

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